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Oct 12, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and great aircraft carrier. -- this great aircraft carrier. this ship and the technology that is on display at this museum attest to one of the central achievement of the united states in late 20th- century. our ability to project power and strength across the land, across the high seas, across the skies, and across our space. we have secured those domains. securing them to help ensure that they were used to advance peace and prosperity. there were not used to it is with that same goal in mind today. we have to addressing a domain that we must secure to have peace and prosperity in the world of tomorrow. cyberspace has transformed our way of life, providing two billion people across the world with instant access to information coming to communication, to economic opportunities. cyberspace is the new frontier. full possibilities to a dance security and prosperity in the 21st century. and yet these possibilities also come with new perils and new dangers. the internet is open. it is highly accessible, as it should be. but that also presents a new terrain for warfare. it is the battlefield of t
Oct 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
investments in education. or clean energy. or research. and technology. we can't afford to roll back regulations on wall street banks or oil companies or insurance companies. that is not a jobs plan. it's not a plan to grow our economy. it's sure not a plan to strengthen our middle class. we have been there. we have tried that. we're not going back. we are moving forward. we've got a different view about how we create jobs and prosperity in this country. [applause] this country doesn't just succeed when just a few are doing well at the top. succeed is when the middle lass gets bigger. our economy doesn't grow from the top down. it grows from the middle out. we don't -- we don't believe that anybody's entitled to success in this country. but we do believe in opportunity. we believe in a country where hard work pays off. and responsibility is rewarded. and everybody's getting a fair shot. and everybody's doing their fair share. and everybody's playing by the same rules. believehe country we in. that's what we've been fighting for for the last four years. that's what we are going to put
Oct 5, 2012 10:30pm EDT
that google will not continue to face lots of competitive rivalry from innovations in search technology. i will say a few words about the doctrine. the unicorn of antitrust law. everybody thinks they know it looks like a no one has actually seen one in the class. the idea is that there is some facility that is hard to duplicate. the owner of the facility is excluding competitors from using its and there are a few other elements to the test. in a case of internet search, the asserted facility is placed on google's page. but there's only limited amount of space that can come up on the page. so it is not possible that every competitor that thinks it is essential to be on the page can be accommodated. it is not clear how such a remedy would be feasible even if he thought it was necessary to do this in order to improve competition to benefit consumers. the u.s. courts have been very reluctant to buy into the essential facilities theory. the supreme court has said it has never endorsed the idea. it is very unlikely that an antitrust claim against google would ever succeed in court. i think i bet
Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm EDT
have over 200,000 defense and technology jobs. rather than cutting back, we need to make sure we have a strong economy, a strong military. as far as our spending, i disagree with the president giving money -- if they cannot protect our embassies, they should not be getting our money. do not buy a friends. >> isn't there is 60-second rebuttal? >> no, there is not. >> island that on the first one. >> i thought i did, too. >> if we were both under the impression. >> virginia seniors who rely on social security benefits are in for a lifetime of work. almost 1 million virginians receiving social security check every month. they are very polite, receiving on average about 77% of their total monthly income from this alone. an aging society will put strain on the program into the future. how would you protect social security for today's seniors and a strengthened it for future generations. >> thank you. i think we need to preserve social security for current beneficiaries as well as in the future. social security beneficiaries have for their entire lives and paid into it. they ought to get th
Oct 9, 2012 1:00am EDT
-- hard to regulate. it is difficult to address this emerging technology. when a patient says a madison harmed them, is that report will to the fda? we have patient confidentiality and issues about how do we deal with misleading information posted by different types of users, a consumer, and potentially another illicit actor. what we are talking about today is how and listed online pharmacies use of social media format. what led us to this is we're looking at pharmaceutical companies to see what their presence was on social media and how they are using it. academic can sometimes be behind the curve. we found a lot of pharmaceutical companies using social media. no big surprise. we just reported this last year. what we found that was very interesting is we also found illicit links to know prescription online pharmacies when we did our surges. we found about 90% of the top marketed drugs in the u.s. had illicit online pharmacy link associated with them. st of show you pictures. this is a facebook site. they are advertising no prescription drugs on line. this is a twitter post that offers
Oct 12, 2012 2:00pm EDT
it comes to other functions of state government. information technology, we are way behind in the hampshire. we need to come up with a public private partnership to bring us to the modern age. but how to reform state government. i am not for taking over medicare, as my opponent says. i'm about to have your best based solutions when it comes to health care. >> and next question comes from clay from the concord monitor. >> and doubling back to medicaid just for a moment. thanks to the recent supreme court ruling on obamacare, states have a say on whether to accept federal dollars to extend their programs. as you just mentioned, you backed excepting such money if it is in the form of a block grant. can you assure you hampshire residents that if you accept the money that it would actually increase insurance coverage? >> actually, i can. my approach, this is very important for job creation. health care is one of the major issues that is stopping businesses from expanding new businesses from coming to new hampshire. largely because of the things we have done to ourselves. we need an overall healt
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)